Catfish and The Bottlemen – Rango

    • Date: 2013
    • Country: UK
    • Band: Catfish and The Bottlemen
    • Song: Rango

About the project

 ‘The idea for the video animation came the moment I saw the cover of the album, which was a sperm flying towards, well, you know. I also understood that they were looking for something funny. And suddenly there was a sperm named Rango, trained by Karate Kid’s Master Miyagi, fighting with lightsabers and kicking butt.
With Helen from Communion we decided to go with a more hand-draw style than a clean animation.
I then started making the animation frame by frame. I drew every frame at 12fps, duplicated them to have 24fps and there we go.
The video is packed with “easter eggs”. Sneaking those in, made making the video even more fun for me. For example during the scene where Rango is running, he will cross paths with Rocky. Well, the sperm version of Rocky. You can also find an interpretation of the wax-off, wax-on scene from Karate Kid and much more.’
Rango the sperm, in downtown spermingham for Catfish and the Bottlemen’s new track ‘Rango’.
The video premiered on XFM’s brand new website, featured on Little Black Book, HoldUpNow, IMVDB, Venture Mag and many more. Communion-signed, ATC-managed guitar 4 piece Catfish and The Bottlemen have this week unveiled the video to accompany new single ‘Rango’.
The 4 thrashy English kids from Llandudno (who all live in a B&B owned by the frontman’s parents, as you do) have made a supercharged start at radio since releasing debut single ‘Homesick’ earlier this year, to support from Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and Sara Cox.
‘Rango’ debuted as Zane’s Hottest Record in The World, and has since earned the band daytime Radio 1 plays, a playlist at XFM and a much sought-after Maida Vale session with R1′s Huw Stephens next month.
The video has now over 800.000 views and still going.