Yes. It's a love song.

Yes. It’s a Love Song. – The Cheek Of Her

    • Date: 2013
    • Country: UK
    • Artist: The Cheek Of Her
    • Song: Yes, It’s a Love Song.

About the project

Combining live action, cartoon animation, and stop frame animation was no walk in the park for Pedro, he explains the process. “My first idea was to make a full stop motion animation with the letters appearing in a book. But I wanted a little more than just “stop motion”. So then came the idea of shooting “live”. I could then visualize what I wanted: a book were the lyrics would be written and where there would be animations in the book. Thus a mix between live action and animation. My partner Turid Hoekstra then created the background from old books (some are actually over 100 years old), found the props and wrote in the book. We did everything in live action with some small passages in stop motion. But even the opening scene of the clip was done in live action. As for the animation it was mostly frame by frame drawing, pretty old school but extremely fun to do. It was really fun to work on this one with my partner (Turid Hoekstra). She did an awesome job with the set design and the writing in the book. Also, the challenge of mixing live action and cartoon animation. We were pretty scared when we were shooting, that the final product wouldn’t work. So we were pretty happy when we saw the footage coming together with the animation. I certainly gained more experience in this style of animation/live action combination. Also, to stock up on extra light bulbs. I use a Lowell light kit, and the bulbs exploded during the shooting. Now, keep in mind that we are located in Belgium and that Lowell is an American brand. Normally I order them over the internet. But, now I had to call around to try to find spare light bulbs fast, which took a lot of searching. I now have quite a supply of light bulbs, just to be sure.” Helen from The Cheek Of Her expresses her thoughts on the music video: “I was really impressed with the outcome of the lyric video for my song “Yes. It’s a Love Song”. I think Pedro did a fantastic job, and got the whole The Cheek of Her vibe perfectly in his treatment. I’ll definitely be back for more!” CREDITS Director: Pedro Chaves Production Company: Dream Journey Studios Art Director: Turid Hoesktra Right Hand (writing): Turid Hoekstra Left Hand (drawing): Pedro Chave.

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