Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl – A mix between short film and music video

    • Date: 2016
    • Country: US
    • Directed by Pedro Chaves
    • Genre: Horror

About the project

Zombie Girl is a mix between a short film and a music video. James is into kinky sex and horror movie and is searching the internet for real “zombie girls” at his work. Unfortunately his boss finds out and fires his sorry ass. From there James decides he is done with all this and takes matters into his own hands. Shot with a Canon 7D and Samyang cine lenses in London. Premiered on Pure Grain Audio.   Cast: Hero: Oliver Tilney Religious Guy: Vauxhall Jermaine Boss: Martin Payne Zombie Girl: Sabrina Salerno Zombie Girl #1 website: Nieke Tebeest Zombie Girl #2 website: Daisy Brookes Zombie Girl #3 website: Sian Flexington Hancock Crew: Directed by Pedro Chaves Produced by Dream Journey Studios Make Up: Nieke Tebeest VFX: Oliver Prout Production Assistant: Melody Wood

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